Sorry Mom Tattoo Studio is a friendly, comfortable, clean and sanitary environment. We are a custom tattoos studio based in Szczecin, Poland. Here you can get your rst tattoo as well as your hundredth. We take body art very seriously as it is something we will be doing for life and which you will wear for life! We have the skills and experience to provide you with quality artwork that will full all expectations and stand the test of time.


For your safety and peace of mind it's better to use disposable grips and needles , therefore everything that we use during your session is single use.



How much will my tattoo cost?

Due to the variety and complexity of design ideas each tattoo is priced individually. The tattoo price depends on its size, complexity and the diculty level. We provide a very rough guide to our pricing (Click here)

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

We are usually booked out 1 to 2 months in advance. If you are looking to schedule something soonish, you can always call the shop to see if anyone has availability that day. In tattooing, sometimes people have to cancel last minute for various reasons, keep an eye on our social media for announcements about last minute, random day of openings or WALK-IN days. We try to announce them as soon as we know. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

We always recommend coming into the studio to make a booking so our helpful sta can assist you throughout the process. If you live in the Szczecin area, come in and see us. We will provide you with a FREE consultation (Mon.-Fri. 10 AM- 6 PM, Sat. 11 AM - 4 PM)


We do have a lot of international and out-of-town visitors who would like a tattoo, however. In this instance we may be able to book via email. We’ll need the exact image, the body placement and the sizing to do this. 


The more information you can give about the tattoo you want, subject matter, reference pictures, placement, size and your availability, the easier it will be for us to help you. Always send reference pictures and ideas so the artist gets an idea of the “style” you are interested in and what you like. We will take it from there and make you a consultation appointment if needed as well as a tattoo appointment.


For all appointments we require a 20% deposit. The deposit secures your appointment and will go towards the nal cost of the tattoo. We cannot hold an appointment without a deposit, but we do accept cash, debit or credit to make it easier. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. One week notice is required to reschedule an appointment. Failure to do so will result in loss of deposit. Failure to show for an appointment will result in loss of deposit.

How should I prepare for a tattoo appointment?

Both the client and Artist should come prepared on the day of the tattoo. We will provide a nice, comfortable, relaxing and clean atmosphere for your tattoo experience. You should be well rested and have a large, healthy meal prior to your tattoo appointment so your body has plenty of energy for the experience. Tattoos hurt in various degrees, so the better you look after yourself prior to the tattoo, the more comfortable you’ll be. Wear practical clothing that you don’t mind getting wrecked if ink should get on them. Shower beforehand, and bring a drink and snacks for longer sessions. No children are allowed in the tattoo procedure area, make sure you have a babysitter.

How do I take care of my tattoo?



- Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo!

- Remove your bandage or wrapping within 4-6 hours of getting your tattoo. (unless artist suggests otherwise)

- Immediately wash your new tattoo with a mild and unscented soap. Pat the tattoo dry. Do not scrub.

- DO NOT SOAK the tattoo again until it is fully healed. SHOWER ONLY.

- Wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day, or as needed.

- Your tattoo may feel soar, have slight swelling, redness, or bruising.

- Wear loose and non-irritating clothing.



- Wash your tattoo 1-2 times daily, or as needed and apply a thin layer of unscented lotion after.

- Expect your tattoo to dry out and ake o. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO AS IT HEALS!!!!

- Do not expose your tattoo to swimming pools, hot tubs, tannings beds, direct sun exposure, or unclean conditions.

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